Saturday, May 26, 2007

My Singer are pics of my machine


Jacqui's Quilts said...

Hi Sylvia:

Cool machine! This is a Singer model 127 with the hearts decals. You don't see them all that often..the more usual decal pattern is the Sphinx Egyptian. The decals are in good shape too. It is made in Canada in 1942.

I think you should make a quilt on it with 1940's reproduction fabrics to make it authentic :-).


Laura VMS said...

Do you have a hidden sewing talent that you are not telling anyone about?!?! ;-) Just teasing! That machine looks to be in great shape! WOW! Good for you!

G & S said...

I had it in better shape but the wood got abused when we moved.....let's just say I was not think they'd at least ask about the value of items before they dump things on it that would scratch it up.

My mom bought this for me for my birthday quite a few years ago. No idea how to sew....but I like the look of old sewing machines.