Monday, April 16, 2007

Ok so the details.....

I advertised the crop in the paper and on the Free listing part on Rogers Cable. Which is probably why he called me.

Well they called me this afternoon. If I would be willing to do a 5-10min spot on TV.

He asked if I could bring something so that people can know what to expect - like make something.

I told him that vendors there would be doing make n takes - but I didn't know what they were (since I didn't ask them specifics on what they plan on doing). I mentioned that there would be a silent auction so I can bring some of those items. Linda suggested I bring an album with - so I am going to do that - as well as some pages not in protectors since the lighting would probably glare off the pages.

I'm soooooooooo nervous! I know it's just local cable TV (and we live in the country so I can't even see myself on TV....which is probably good).

So that's my exciting and scary news!

I'm not sure when it will be airing - hopefully before the crop on Saturday.


VanDyks said...

That is SO EXCITING! Good luck!

Mel said...

OK, I'm terrified for you. Guess you'll just have to pretend you're not on TV! Have fun! :O)

Taunya said...

That's crazy. I'd be nervous too, but I'm sure you can fill 5-10mins with talking lol. have fun and smile too!

Anonymous said...

How did it go this morning? You're really going all-out for this crop! I'm looking forward to it, but probably won't be able to spend too much money because we've had to get a babysitter for the day now too.