Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I survived TV!

Ok so I thought it was a segment that cut and aired later...nope it's LIVE!

Friends/Family told me my hair looked good - personally I was having a better hair day last night.

Anyways. I managed to get a plug in for some of the vendors coming to the crop for the day. Showed a few of my layouts and some cards. Had my thick album on the table....for a visual.

I did have a layout prepared but didn't have to do it which is fine with me because it was quickly whipped up.

Basically talked about the crop where it is, what's going on and answered some questions on scrapbooking.

I also mentioned the school 2x (at least).

It's kinda a blur - but I have lived to tell about it!

Since it was live it aired at 11am this morning and I was told it would air at 4pm again. According to online repeats are 7am, 4pm and 11pm. It's on Cable channel 13. So for those with cable wanting to see me humiliated feel free to watch.


Laura VMS said...

That is so cool! I am glad that you survived! Too bad I don't get that channel! I would have loved to have seen it!

RMVanDyk said...

You did good sylvia, I was flicking the channels and did NOT expect to see you !!! lol
I think you did better than the hosts!! They are so boring!

Mel said...

Wish I could see it. Glad you surrvived!

Household of Faith said...

I missed checking out the ad on TV. I think I missed it by 10 minutes or so. Glad that it went well for you.

VanDyks said...

I know someone FAMOUS! :D