Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday Blogging

We went to Gerald's parents church this morning as it is Grandma's birthday and we were heading there after church for her birthday. It was nice to get the little extra sleep - I needed it this morning as I didn't sleep great last night.

Jared the little bum didn't sleep in the nursery...and barely slept at Grandma's. We finally got him to settle down, hopefully he will sleep well tonight.

Cailyn is back on her obsession with Birthdays! On the way to Grandma's she counted to 6 in Spanish....just out of the blue...then skipped 7 (same number she used to skip in English) and said ocho (eight) and then stopped counting and said that she counted to 5. I thought it was cool that she counted in Spanish. Cailyn's favourite song is The wheels on the bus and she sings it often...funny though her version the wheels on the bus "go beep beep beep."

Gerald has said it's ok for me to give away the 52" TV - as it's a blue picture and is missing the HV splitter (that's what we needed to fix the other TV). So hopefully soon that monstrosity will be out of my living room!

I completely forgot about Gerald's cousin's wedding shower next weekend.....which was supposed to be RSVP'd to next weekend we will be visiting my family (so mom if you are reading this we'll be coming over) since the shower is there. Guess I have to go run out and look at a registry too - I know Canadian Tire you can look online.....wonder if you can for WalMart? I think I will go check..............

Oh for the crop - anyone who is planning on attending - even if you give me a post-dated cheque that is ok - then I can get rid of some tickets.....and not have them sitting at my house....since I have a lot of "spoken for" tickets set aside for people....I'd rather have them out of my way LOL. For those who haven't decided it's April 21 - 9am-5pm.

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