Saturday, February 24, 2007

My work in Progress

I have been working hard at my scrapbook room. Still some organizing to be done. The paper is no longer up top on the shelves because I don't want another 2000+ sheets of paper to land on my head....
The bent shelf is the one that collapsed - it's been bent back up and light weight items are on it. This is some of the patterned paper, Albums, foam stamps, ribbon and flowers.

The paper on top of the filing cabinet is what landed on my head! More patterned paper and tower with some stamps and other non-hangable items. Part of my grid wall with oodles of items.
My awesome gridwall! Can't wait for the rest of it to be hung up.

The table was clean - but I was pulling an order (and then remembered the person didn't pay yet LOL) so the table generally would be almost empty....more storage towers (with some of my own personal more room for my stuff now!!). The window sill I have some of my scrapbook mags on it and my stamps I have to mount yet.

So that's my work in progress.


Taunya said...

wow, that must be the best room in the house! can I come over for coffee someday and shop?

Anonymous said...

That would be my dream room! Looks great Sylvia! :0)