Saturday, February 24, 2007

CPR and Dancer

Cailyn giving her baby CPR, she did it yesterday but I didn't get the camera in time....she was
better at it yesterday LOL. She saw some of Grey's anatomy (and there was a lot of CPR on that episode) even though they didn't do back blows on the show - she apparently knows to do them on an infant.

There was 2 videos - but I didn't want to upload the one 'cause Gerald got me on it.....Cailyn has a little beyonce bootie shake on that one which won't be posted here. Gerald had downloaded some "old school" music and Cailyn immediately started to dance.


Taunya said...

she looks like a pro at CPR, how cute! she's concentrating so hard on her job, she doesnt seem to notice your taping her. the dancing one looks like she's excercising, now I wanna see the beyonce one. lol

Anonymous said...

Wow, she's quite the dancer! Who's teaching her that?! :0) The CPR one is so cute - it's amazing what they pick up from things on tv, eh?

Mark, Linda, Alex, Carsten and Savannah said...

Great dancer you got on your hands