Friday, January 19, 2007

Started a new Blog

We have started a new blog. I have been having lots of problems with spammers posting on my message board (and a couple times to the gallery), we have put certain measures up to try and stop it, but Gerald said they will always find a way to do it. Well let's just say I am very sick and tired of ads similar to the spam we get about different drugs and "other" things and let's just say very inappropriate pictures. So I think I will eventually do away with those 2 aspects of my website and just update on the blog. Since I don't update either of those parts of my site often (it's mainly for sales and so on) it shouldn't affect us too much.
Because of this new blog we do not have this blog in our profile. Just for privacy on that aspect. But the links to here from our friends is still OK with me.

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