Saturday, January 20, 2007

Say Cheese

Cailyn wanted me to take a picture of her and Jared. She can be such a proud big sister. It was hard to get a decent picture since he had just nicely fallen asleep in the swing and Cailyn likes to move also. During the course of picture taken she pushed her fridge phonics, danced and sang with the alphabet song. Took "pictures" of me and went right up in the camera to say cheese for me. This was one of the better pictures with both of them...most of the pictures Jared isn't really in it since he was swinging.


Mark, Linda, Alex, Carsten and Savannah Koopman said...

How on earth does he sleep through all that? ;o) I just remember him sleeping through the fire muster days parade when he was a couple of weeks old...good thing to have such a good sleeper, eh?

G & S said...

actually he had just fallen asleep...he hasn't been quite as good for sleep lately...discovered that the thomas blanket helps to get him to go to sleep faster though.