Friday, January 12, 2007

Scrapbooking Day

Today was our scrapbook a lot of you who read this know since you were there. Anyways, I got a few pages done, not near as much as usual, but I couldn't decide what I wanted to do...should've planned a bit before but didn't. Oh well. I'll take pics of the Layouts later and post them. I have to finish the titles on a few of the pages first because I forgot my black ink.

Cailyn was very very excited in the morning to go see Savannah and Kim. But she was miserable leaving! After I wrestled her into the car seat she screamed the whole ride home. When we got home I made her go to her room till she stopped crying/screaming. That wasn't too enjoyable for me, but she does this on occassion and I have to learn to just tune it out. She was much happier later and then I showed her the Dora pj's I picked up on sale.....then she was so excited she immediately wanted to put them on. They are a long in the pants, but that means they should fit next year too...bonus for me.

Exciting for me that Jared took almost a full bottle of formula for Kim! At least I know he will drink it. Gerald has unsuccessfully tried to give it to him 2x now. He's sleeping in his bassinet again....he won't settle in the crib, but will in the car seat, so I decided to try the bassinet and he's sleeping in no time. Hopefully this will pass as he's getting a bit big for the bassinet.

Since I shared Cailyn's miserable moment I must add this cute moment from this week. Cailyn found a photo box in the basement, she immediately thought it was a present for her. Since I knew there were crayons in the box I said she could have it. She takes the box and sits on the floor and proceeds to open the box. When she looks inside she exclaimed "OH crayons, crayons!!! Thank You Mommy, Thank You Mommy!!" It's nice how little kids can get so excited over the small things.

For my one brother: mom mentioned that you know pretty much everything from the blog except when we go to the bathroom....I was really tempted to post it...just once 'cause it'd be funny.....but I never look at the time when I go to the you will have to miss out! I hope you can forgive me on that one. LOL

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