Sunday, January 28, 2007

I still look young!

We went to go see my mom last minute on Saturday. My mom and I (no kids with) ran out to no frills because of the dollar sale....I was grabbing some lunchables (I like them) and a lady commented that I must really like them for school. Yep that's right she thought I was in school still. Wonder if she meant highschool?? I would think so since you don't really necessarily need to pack a lunch in University. So I must look like I am in highschool still. I think it's funny because I think I am starting to look my age.


RMVanDyk said...

Its always nice when that happens! I use to have to show my ID when Rick took me to the They wouldn't let me into a 14a movie when I was 18. That was SO not cool then, its funny how after you have kids you want to look as young as you can.

Laura VMS said...

Wow! That definitely is a compliment! Although highschool is a little young. At least you don't look older then you are and the lady thought that you were buying them for your school aged children!

Mark, Linda, Alex, Carsten and Savannah Koopman said...

I must admit - we bought the lunchables too. All of us enjoyed that little treat (well not Mark).
Good to be young eh?