Thursday, January 18, 2007

Cute sites if you want to lose computer time

Thought I would share a couple cute sites. The one is more educational than the other.
More basic site...really just hit any key and the site will react. Cailyn liked the train....just because she likes trains I think.
Had infant, toddler and preschool. I put the toddler on for Cailyn she likes the counting...and loved the ABC one....she likes the jaguar....and it didn't take her long to figure out she had to push the J to get jaguar.

Cailyn went on 3x today...asked to go on after the first time on. She enjoyed it and it gave me a little time to clean a bit.


Anonymous said...

LOVE Cailyn's pictures, she is so gorgeous! "Other" side of town is close to Jay and Laura- we're looking at a place on Ponsford... so far they haven't come crawling back though so it might not happen! oh well, we really are fine with it. Peace is such a gift when it comes to making stressful decisions! Gotta go, Caden is fussing! Ciao, Rachel

Household of Faith said...

Thanks for the sites. Seth liked the animal ABC game. It's cute how kids at a young age love games.