Thursday, December 7, 2006

We made it!

We made the trip to Chatham this evening for visitation for Mrs Schouls at the funeral home. There wasn't too much snow here when we left. Well once we got off the 401 there was more and more and more snow. By the time we hit our road we were following tracks to see the road.....then we hit the fork in the road - tracks are gone...snow's coming up the windshield and blocking our lights. Gerald stops and opens the van door and scrapes snow......

So I call my mom to let her know we got home ok - she informs me that the snowplow is going by her place plowing the 1/2 inch of snow that they got.

So I haven't attempted Cailyn's bedtime tonight - yes it's after 11pm! We didn't get home till 11 and she's all hyper from seeing the snow - so I am letting her unwind watching Diego.

Gerald had also told my brother this evening that the driveway doesn't get shoveled until he can use the skid steer and there needs to be a foot of snow for that....well he can use the skid steer.The snow infront of our van....the snow it plowed

Really Gerald's truck is there

Of course the trees look beautiful

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