Thursday, December 7, 2006

On this cold and snowy morning

Cailyn woke up in a great mood and when she saw the snow she was so excited. Yelling "Snow - I play in snow." So I got her dressed and bundled up warm. Couldn't find her good mittens, so put on a cheap dollarstore pair, hopefully warm enough for her hands.

Went outside with her to take a few pictures and then came back in the house. She's out there playing on the deck. I am lucky to have a big deck that has gates on it so I can lock her in there....and enough windows so I can see her. Gerald is also just in the garage. Still waiting on my fence, got the posts in the ground this summer (before I was put on bedrest) but of course, just like anyone who is married to a tradesperson - your place is the last one to get the work done.
Well she decided when she was out there (with Gerald) to take off her mitts and throw them in the house. He grabbed her and put her in the house but before he got to her she nicely put her hands in the snow. So her hands now hurt. Must be instinct because we didn't tell her to do this, but she immediately pulled a chair to the sink and put her hands under running water.

At least she had fun.


Anonymous said...

That's so cute that Cailyn wanted to go out and play in the snow as soon as she saw it! Lauren is fascinate just watching it from the window, but hasn't even asked to go outside... I'm hoping she doesn't, since I have to go out there with her (no fence or gates).

Laura VMS said...

Those pictures are super sweet! I am thinking of taking the kids out this afternoon to play in the snow after their nap times. We shall see how they are though. It looks like she had lots of fun! I am sure that she enjoyed herself! Hopefully she will take a nice long nap today for you from being outside in the fresh air!

Anonymous said...

Sylvia you are the funniest blogger ever! Keep the bedtime stories comin, I laugh out loud whenever I read them! And I love the diva girl adorable!!!! I don't actually know the name of the chemical they sprayed downstairs, but I will try to find out for you. In the meantime, bleach and water should do the trick--let me know how it works out! Good luck with the bedtime tonight... Rachel

Gerald and Sylvia said...

And she thought yesterday morning was fun. We have about 2+ feet of snow on the ground this morning. Pretty Sweet :)