Tuesday, November 28, 2006

On its way up

Last night we started setting up the tree. Cailyn "helped" she brought me the branches and I picked her up to put some on the tree (of course I had to actually put them in after). I enlisted Gerald to do the lights...since I like them wrapped up and down the branches and it takes forever. He had to fix it a couple times because 1) he ran out of lights 2) the one set of lights in the middle decided to quit working after he had wrapped 1/2 of them in. But the tree is lit. Now for the decorations and fluffing out the branches......

I think putting the tree together and the lights have got to be the most labour intensive part of putting it up!

Of course I don't look forward to trying to get it to fit back in the box either.

It will be nice to have a tree again. We opted to not put it up last year as our old house was really too small for our tree.

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