Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Christmas Time

Finished setting up our Christmas Tree while Cailyn was napping. Took some pictures with Gerald's mom's camera.

We also splurged tonight and replaced our other camera. We actually went only to look and get an idea of what's out there and the difference in quality. Gerald wants a camera that you can crop one piece out and have a decent enough quality to make a picture out of that one piece. I wanted one that is a good camera to get what I need for scrapbooking. The camera we picked was not the newest of that kind, but was a very good one. Quick for pictures of kids in action, a decent amount of megapixels etc. Gerald of course asked what kind of deals they could throw in.
Here is a picture that I cropped out of a picture Gerald took (the cropped and original pic).

This is a practice picture Gerald took of our tree with the new camera. I love how you can see the lights reflecting in the window. We also drove home coming by the back of our house and the tree lights looked really pretty. I am glad we have a camera for the holidays (the other camera would be 3-6 weeks, and that also depended on whether it was worth it to fix). I guess the camera is our Christmas present to eachother as we don't usually really go and buy eachother gifts anymore. Now to wrap the gifts. I like to shop in advance and to get sales of course. We do 3 presents for the kids - spiritual, frivolous, and educational (some people do practical, but I chose to change it to educational).


Laura VMS said...

Your tree looks beautiful! I am glad that youw ere able to get it all set up and decorated! Now do you want to come and do mine! ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice Christmas tree!
So what kind of camera did you end up getting? That cat eye picture looks amazing for being so close up - can't see any pixels at all. What are you doing with your other one - just leaving it broken?