Sunday, July 28, 2013

On to a new project

Project Life just didn't turn out for me this husband and I went away on a retreat and therefore didn't take any pictures for the weekend and I just didn't find our 'life' varied enough for new's also hard when I'm working full time and my morning hours are spent getting ready and evening hours are spent with other things.

Anyways maybe I will try again later.....

My new project is something I decided to try after reading "Cleaning House: A mom's 12 month experiment to rid her home of youth entitlement"

A lot of the items in the book most of my kids are too young but I figured I could start with other things that at this age are habits they need to learn to start.  Like me not having to nag them to brush their teeth!  I also altered it to be based on weeks and then the money will be deposited into their virtual ThreeJars bank.

So Week 1 - we are going to work on Brushing Teeth!  I have told them if they don't brush their teeth $1 will be removed from their jar.

My other items to work on will be:
Keeping bedroom tidy
Practicing Piano
Setting/Clearing the table
Loading the dishwasher
I will definitely think of more but that's my start

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