Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day 33

We don't take the kids out to sit down restaurants much (honestly I'd rather enjoy a sit down restaurant with just Gerald and I), but tonight we decided to treat the kids.  C has her heart set on Braxtons because that's where we took them for their birthdays, but I had gift cards for East Side Marios so that's where we went.  C has discovered that she also likes East Side Marios.  All the kids ate really well there too which is good.  I think the best part of the meal was I had bought the gift cards on cardswap and got about 8% in swappoints back (which you can use to redeem for another gc - so essentially I could get $8 back from my purchase).  I asked our waiter if he could do the tip on the gift cards, he said he could just bring the change (which was just over $35).  I left a tip after I got my change grabbed the rest of the cash and left; Gerald was waiting in the van with R.  After we got in the van I looked at my change, the waiter accidentally gave me $10 too much, so I went back and told him, he said keep it, it was his mistake and not to worry about it.  I couldn't just pick one pictures so I took 3.  C was totally telling A to pose and pretend to be looking at a menu.

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