Saturday, April 14, 2012

20x the Points at Shoppers Drug Mart

I just did my first 20x the points shopping trip since my Mega redemption in December.

Milk $4.19x4
LB tissues $0.59x4
KoolAid Jammers $2.50x2
Chips Ahoy cookies $1.99x4
Coke/Gingerale $3.33x6
LB Formula $16.99x3
Breyers ice cream $3.99x2
Finish Quantum $10.49 (only item not on sale)
Total (with tax) $126.42

I will get $8.49 plus tax/postage back from the Quantum with a Main In rebate
So my out of pocket will be $116.83

Points Earned 24200

Bonus Redemption day (when 95,000 points are worth $200) almost $51
Mega Redemption Day (95,000 points worth $250) almost $64

This is for items we would have bought anyways!

Please note: I only redeem at the 95,000 point level and also only redeem on a bonus redemption (preferable the Mega which has been held 2x in the past 2 years - which has been the FIRST weekend in December - here's hoping they do it again this year!)

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