Thursday, March 29, 2012

Taco Roll Ups

We had a week were once again meal planning didn't go as anticipated.

DH was home really late on Tuesday and dd1 who is the only kid who will eat at least 1 taco didn't want them, so we did a more casual snack supper.  Wednesday DH and I went to the funeral home for my aunt's visitation and since it's out of town we ate on the road and the kids went to dh's mom's for supper.

Now it's Thursday (and supposed to be French Toast) but I have taco meat thawed out.

DD1 suddenly 'dislikes' tacos so I am going to try 'Taco Roll ups'  I couldn't find any pins with what I had in mind so I created my own recipe.  I don't measure and weigh....I just go by what looks good.

I also hide veggies in food.

Note: I pre made a few pounds of taco meat about a month ago.

1) Taco Meat (ground turkey, taco seasoning, pureed salsa and it has some pureed squash & sweet potatoes in it).  This is a bit under a lb (didn't weigh it but we don't seem to use a full lb when we eat tacos so I had split it up in less than a lb bags).

2) Pillsbury crescent rolls (2 packages)

3) Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheese

Spread the meat on  (about a spoon full) and top with cheese (I took about a 3 finger (and a thumb lol) pinch of cheese).

Roll them up and seal off ends to the best of your ability.

I had enough meat for 1 1/2 packages of crescent rolls (so I would guess 1 lb may be enough).  For the remaining 1/2 pack I put some left over chicken and cheese in them.  I thought about adding some taco seasoning to it but decided not to.

Put in the oven at 375 for 13 minutes.

Before I made this I tried to find a PIN on Pinterest of this but I didn't find this.  I will be going to do what apparently isn't 'acceptable' on pinterest (from what I have read) and will Pin this myself.  You can find it here.

The verdict: DH and I really liked them.  DS1 said he liked them and then said he didn't but he ate all of his except 1 piece that wasn't 'perfect' looking.  DD1 said she didn't like the crescent roll part and wouldn't eat it.  DD2 just refused (but she just woke up from a late nap too and was still sleepy).  DS2 well he's not old enough to eat them yet ;)  I have extremely picky kids.  I know you're thinking that most kids are but I do believe based on feedback of food suggestions from friends that my kids are pretty bad for pickiness.

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