Monday, March 5, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

My weekly menu plan is trying to use a few recipes I have pinned on pinterest.  Generally, I alter recipes a bit to fit in with our families preferences.
My Weekly Menu Plan:   

Monday: Chicken Roll Ups and sliced carrots (just used a mix cheddar/monterey jack cheese and also couldn't find powder ranch dressing, was going to use epicure herb and garlic and forgot! - still tasted good though.  I also didn't do the butter and bread crumbs).

Tuesday: Chicken Spaghetti (except I am going to use Spaghetti Squash - haven't tried it before, so hoping it tastes good!)

Wednesday: Macaroni and cheese (quick meal since the kids have something that evening at 6:30)

Thursday: Sour Cream Enchiladas (will not put in chilis - will use finely chopped peppers so hopefully the kids won't notice and also will use epicure onion spice instead of actual onion).

Friday: "Snack Day" The kids have requested this is a snack day, basically we 'graze' on food in the house, so fresh fruit and veggies are cut up etc and we 'snack.'

Sunday: Chinese Noodles (dd1's choice)

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Carole said...

You might be interested in how I do cheese and crackers.