Saturday, March 10, 2012

How the new cleaning routine went

Monday went pretty good.  I kinda forgot about the new routine till after lunch but I would not have done laundry all day anyways because we are on time of use for hydro, so I do all our laundry on off-peak times.

Tuesday went great, it was 'bathrooms' and we only have one small bathroom so it was quite easy to complete that task!

Wednesday didn't go as well.  I knew I was having my mom come for a visit and I was working on it but didn't finish it.

Thursday I was gone pretty much all day so I didn't get anything done for the organize clean.

Friday the kids didn't have school and I went to the gym in the morning and then visited pretty much the remainder of the day so again didn't get it done.

They didn't give any weekend jobs on the routine, but today laundry has been a work in progress.

Next week is a new one and hopefully this routine goes a little better.

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