Sunday, January 15, 2012

Week #2 Organized Home Challenge Kitchen Drawers & Kitchen Cabinet Organization

So I had a late start on this (in a way).  DH and I had already organized & decluttered most of our cupboards and drawers before I started this.  I just went through and moved a few things I don't use so much into higher cupboards and re-organized our food cupboards.

I must admit that my week 1 - counter, was cleaned again....and now you can't tell again.  At the same time I will say that I don't think it is nearly as bad as before and to clean it up would be quick.

I did get a basket for the counter for extra stuff (that I think we should go through once a week).  It's actually the basket that was under the toaster oven shelf, which I know have a 3 drawer storage container (that has been made pretty with scrapbook paper covering the front)

This is the paper I used.
I haven't really continued with the declutter calendar as some of it is redundant to the 52 weeks, but I will look at it and do any items that I feel really need it.  

The first week I blogged about a few of the items I did - I also went through spices and discarded old ones, re-organized my canned foods.  The freezer I try to keep on top of and my freezer was getting pretty low on food so I skipped that.

This past week was organizing/decluttering nightstand (has a light on top....that's about it, so not really necessary), clean out under the bed (nothing there), clear off one bedroom shelf (don't have any) and throw out junk in the junk drawer & organize (goes with the cupboard/drawer organization form the 52 week challenge and dh and I did that not that long ago).

Looking ahead on next weeks declutter calendar - I have already completed Monday (hair doo-dads), Tuesday (expired skin care), Wednesday (expired medication), Thursday, Friday and Saturday (one bathroom drawer/shelf).

For Week 3: Kitchen pantry and food storage areas.  That was completed with Week 2 as I don't have a pantry and my cupboards are food storage areas, so I probably will not be working on that at all.

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