Sunday, January 1, 2012

Smoothie Pin

Out of the blue the kids asked for a smoothie.  So I remembered a pin on pinterest with a smoothie with spinach (my kids are bad veggie eaters as am I).  I had purposely bought mixed frozen fruit and frozen spinach to try a 'similar' idea of smoothie as the pin I saw.

the smoothie (not a great photo but it serves the purpose)

I broke up a couple pinches of spinach and let my dd1 pick the frozen fruit that was put in - strawberries, raspberries, honeydew, peaches, and probably a few others.  I did not let the kids see me put in the spinach.  We added some local honey, a small yogurt cup, splash of milk and a couple scoops of ice cream per request of the kids.

I didn't want to add too much spinach because there would be no way the kids would drink something that looked brown/green.  Making the smoothie I think caused the death of my blender....there was a horrible smell when trying to blend it up (even after letting the fruit thaw a bit and blending in small quantities).  DD1 was liking it, then didn't and asked for more ice cream in it, then didn't like it again....and after I just told her it was good for her she has agreed to try it again.  DS1 refused to try it because he didn't like the smell (which is actually the smell of the blender dying), DD2 refused to try it, DH liked it and I liked it.  I think DD1 is aware of 'something' else in the smoothie because she's complaining of pieces sticking to her tongue (there are no pieces that stick to your tongue but there are green flecks in it).

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