Thursday, December 10, 2009

Swagbucks for FREE gift cards!

I joined swagbucks a while back and never really did anything with it. I decided to look again and saw that they had a sale on PayPal $5 USD gift cards so I used my bucks to buy that. It came!! $5 USD is in my PayPal account. Later I realized that the gift cards are actually a better deal (cost less points for $5CAD). I don't actually have them yet at they are sent out on the first and sixteenth (I think) of the month.....but based on things I have read and the fact I received the Paypal one I am sure I will receive it.

To get these swagbucks I do a few searches (apparently you can only win on your first 20 searches of the day and not more than 2x in an hour or something like that) but while I am doing other things online I just type in random search words or instead of going directly to facebook (for example) I search it. You don't win Swagbucks for every search but for random can win anywhere from 1 to 5 swagbucks for a search. The highest I won was 2 swagbucks.

Since I redeemed for my second card I already have 12 more swagbucks. So that's 4 earned per day.

You can also win more from referrals (up to 100 swagbucks per referral) for each swagbuck your referral wins you also win one.

There are more ways to earn than just that but thought I would share that I am finding this worthwhile and I am hoping to earn enough to get some extra things for next Christmas.

I signed up under my friend Taunya and hope that she's also able to get lots of gift cards!

If you want to sign up it would be really appreciated if you can sign up under me :)

Search & Win

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Anonymous said...

hey thanks. I didn't know you signed up from me. I should check my balance. since we use google chrome instead of internet explorer, I havent used it lately. I was at mels a couple weeks ago and I won her like 6 sb's in an hour. every other search won 2 or 3 bucks. that never happens on my home computer lol