Thursday, April 2, 2009


They say it takes 30 days to make or break a habit.

Well I have given up coke for 26 days! 4 more days to go and I have hit my 30 day mark! There are still days that I miss it though!

We also gave up eating out for supper. It was to be for one month but I mentioned it to my cousin and we made a pack to not eat out for April either. So since we had already not eaten out for 30+ days (I say + because I wasn't sure when the last time we ate out was and it was for sure 30 days in March), we decided we would eat out on March 31. Took the kids to Burger King, not our unsual choice, but the playplace is much less crowded (and restaurant in general) and probably not quite as addictive at McDonald's. DS fell asleep on the way there and didn't wake up so he missed out (don't think he would really notice) but DD1 throughoughly enjoyed herself. She even ate her entire meal which is unusual for her.

I don't think I have really noticed the benefit on our bank account but we also had some big unexpected bills.

Hopefully these bad habits will stay habits of the past.

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