Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Me Monday

Dh did NOT hit a deer with his truck a couple weeks ago. The truck did not have $$$$ worth of damage. Cailyn and Jared were NOT with dh when this happened. Jared did not sit on the deer when dh and a neighbour put the deer in the back of the neighbours truck. Cailyn did not freak out when she was shown the deers face and it's tongue was not hanging out. DH did not bring the kids home and then back to the neighbours to get some deer meat. I do not have deer meat in the freezer as I type this.

I did not have this conversation with my Cailyn last week. DD "What's that?" Me "pork" (I was making supper). DD " Who gives us pork?" Me "Pigs" DD "Who hit a pig?" DD did not ask who hit a pig because I have deer meat from the deer dh hit.

I did not brave taking 3 kids to get immunized at once. I was not totally happy dh could come to help me (although it was not planned for my mom to come help). Addison did not coo and smile at the dr until she was immunized. Cailyn did not ask to go last offering up her sister to be the first to have her needles. Jared did not scream and cry from his needles. Cailyn was not totally scared of getting her needles. She did not end up being very brave and she did not stay dry eyed. I did not bribe her with McDonald's prior to the appointment.

Gerald did not have training on Thursday for plowing and got called out already on Saturday. I am not secretly wishing we get a decent amount of snow so that he gets a decent amount of work.

I did not type this before Monday and set blogger to post on Monday....


Sara said...

He he, I actually laughed out loud about the pig. So logical.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, How cute, I love the you hit the pig, ha ha!