Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Me Monday

Cailyn did not have a good time at the fall fair. She did not follow up talking about the fall fair with "and Linda didn't take me". She was not totally excited that mom was there at the fall fair with her. I did not then feel bad because Linda takes her to do the 'fun' stuff.

I did not buy more Enjo at the fall fair. It definitely was not my husband who called and asked I bought the outdoor enjo kit. My husband did not spend the afternoon cleaning with enjo on Saturday. I did not totally enjoy coming home to a clean house.

I did not feel bad when Cailyn asked me why I didn't give her money to go in the can for Sunday school! I did not feel even worse when she informed me she was the only one who didn't have money! I did not feel like a complete idiot that I have never given her Sunday school money. I do not know any better that kids have a collection for Sunday school. No Not Me!

I did not then question why it's always Mom's fault. Gerald did not then snicker because it was always mom's fault. I do not secretly wish that it would be dad's fault.


Taunya said...

my poor kids only get sunday school money like once a month. I can't make it part of sunday morning routine - there's a million other things to worry about.
I just Enjo'd my bathroom (and my kitchen sink/tap) this morning. I think I am liking it finally. It got a lot of black off the tap and some of the shower tiles. do you have the kitchen or bathroom glove? or both?

G &;S said...

I have both...and the dusting and blue cloth. Linda and I did a combined party and then got the big kit for 1/2 price a 1/2 price floor system and bought the $200 kit so we could split most of the main items. The only think I don't have (for indoor cleaning) I think is the dusting wand (Linda got that).

Mark, Linda, Alex, Carsten and Savannah said...

Glad you got to do something fun with your daughter ;o)