Sunday, November 25, 2007

Jesus Tender

Cailyn has learned the prayer Jesus Tender and really loves singing it.
For lunch today she improvised:
Jesus tender shepherd hear me
bless this little lamb to eat
through the darkness be though near me (then some singing I couldn't quite make out)'s not dark it's good morning time

This was all sung by her.

I thought it was cute how she tried so hard to make it a meal prayer.


RMVanDyk said...

I love the way kids try to!
Ethan knows his meal prayer (Lord bless this foodand drink for Jesus sake amen)
But chooses to speed things up by saying Lord bless amen, amen,

Anonymous said...

That's cute! :0)
Josh just asked for the first time tonight if he could pray before our meal - it went something like this "Dear God, Ummm, Ummm.... Ummmmm.... Amen" It's good that they want to when they're young - maybe they won't be too shy to do it when they're older.

Household of Faith said...

That is very cute! It is so neat when kids like to pray. Seth always imitates Paul's prayer and starts in a low man-style voice "dear heavenly Father ..." and looks around the room or outside to think of things to pray for. It is too cute. He would pray at every meal if we would allow him. You can tell this kids are growing up!

Household of Faith said...

I meant these kids are growing up.

Mel said...

Very cute! Mia puts 'thank-you' in front of everything she says which can sometimes be horrible if she's making a serious request.