Saturday, October 20, 2007

What's new......

Well Gerald and I celebrated 5 years yesterday. Cor offered to watch the kids and got us a suite. We went out for dinner and a little shopping and that was it. It was nice to have a break from the kids.

Today, we went to a financial seminar/thing at Fellowship Church. It was really interesting (given by a Christian who works for Crown Financial which is a Christian company). It covered pretty much everything...debt, tithing, work, budgets, teaching kids about money etc.

We've been doing a facebook flyer campaign for our website. We've seen a large increase in traffic. At first a large number of new registered members as well but no so much lately. Hopefully, this will result in some sales. The facebook flyers aren't a bad price and are really specified for target market. I can pick gender, age, education and even I of course put scrapbooking down for interests.

Gerald and I have been on line (lately and in the past) looking at basically things that are FREE that pay you. Which is why I posted 2 things here! I got paid from the Bloggerwave and it didn't take long at all to write something simple up. It was $10 not much but it took no time as well. (of course $10 us is less than $10 cad right now!) All you need is a paypal account to receive the money.

Cailyn...well I guess Cor didn't have to change a single diaper while we were gone. And she never asked Cailyn if she needed to go either....Cailyn did it on her own. NOW why won't she for us!!!!!! She is so strong willed! saying kitty (well change to K to a t - but he's calling the cat that) and it sounded like he said "ailyn" (to Cailyn more than once the past couple days)....Linda tells me he says "ada" for her....of course dada...but will he say mommy or mama....nope the only times I have heard mama is when he's crying and then he does want me (not Gerald) ....he calls me and Gerald dada in general..... He is most definitely a daddy's boy though.

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