Thursday, September 20, 2007

What's new - walking, work, water etc

Jared has been doing steps for a little while.....and I think today I can say he IS walking. Linda what do you think? When I came home from work he walked to me (with one fall) but he got right back up and continued on. It was from the hallway doorway too the far side of the island (so closest to the door to the house). A pretty good trek for a little guy.

Yesterday, I didn't get to see his walking progress as he was asleep when I got home. I woke him up to change him since he wasn't changed before bed and he barely woke up and went right back to sleep.

For his eyedrops it was suggested to put them in while he was sleeping. I did that yesterday and it worked wonderfully! I have been 'sitting' on him with Gerald holding his head and myself trying to pry the eye open. And he fights for all he's worth! I'm pretty used to putting in eye drops (even for people who don't want them) and I have to say he is awful to get them in - so this give them while he's sleeping is an excellent solution!

Cailyn has been the same old self. Nothing new with her really. Her vocabulary sometimes amazes me. Her foot got bumped by the door and she said the door 'striked' her. Where she come up with striked?? (must be from your house Linda!) Her new obsession is Care Bears which is a nice break from Dora.

We have run out of water again (not too long ago) all I did was 2 loads of laundry (front load so doesn't use much water) and ran the dishwasher. We paid for water to be put in and watched it the next few days. Quite a bit went into the water table (so not in our well anymore) and after a couple days the water was down and staying consistent at a pretty low level (from what I understand from Gerald). We think it's just because we had such a dry summer. So this week Gerald ordered/bought/picked up a water tank for his truck and we will be getting water ourselves when we need it (in the long run it's much cheaper than having water brought to us...even though the person who does it just lives down the road from us).

I've been back to work for 3 weeks now.....not much has changed since I left. As always good days and bad days....and people that I enjoy working with and people who make me want to tear my hair out (had one of those tonight). The kids seem to have adjusted well. Monday (I wasn't working) and Cailyn was asking when she was going Linda's. I worked yesterday and today and she's quite happy that I am home tomorrow (well all weekend). I've already had the chance to work no thanks!

Well back to playing scrabulous for all those people who have been waiting days for me to take my turn........

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Mark, Linda, Alex, Carsten and Savannah said...

I haven't checked blgos in sooooo long.

Yup Jared is cruising...he just seemed to take off. He is on his way to toddlerhood.

Striked?? Very possible but I can't recall hearing that one lately.