Monday, September 3, 2007

Airplane Ride

We had our plane ride for buying and selling our house today. It was expiring the end of this month.I told Cailyn to suck her thumb for the way up. She had no part of sucking her thumb on the way down she was so excited.
Our House
Doesn't she look excited!

Gerald's Parents
My work
Gerald's Oma and Opa's
Gerald's Grandma and Grandpa's

This shows Jason and Laura's, Our old house and Linda and Mark's
If you click on it to open it you may be able to see better.


Anonymous said...

Cool pictures! We have two of those free ride coupons waiting for us still - I didn't know they expired though - oops! I'll have to check them. Did Mark take you up? How many passengers can they take up? Would we be able to take Josh and Lauren with us?

Anonymous said...

I just checked - one of our coupons has expired already, and the other one expires at the end of this month. Guess we'd better figure out which one of our kids we'll take up with us... Lauren would probably like it the most, but it hardly seems fair to not take the oldest, and the only boy for that matter.