Friday, August 24, 2007

Jared's Eyes

August 20 we went to see the specialist again. Jared's eyes have not improved but also didn't get worse (so the patching helped a little - just not enough). Because of Jared's age he is not very compliant with letting me put a patch on or keeping a patch on, we now have eye drops for him. They are the same eye drops that they use for an eye exam (dilate your pupils). Basically, the drop goes into his good eye once a day. This causes him to not be able to see well out of it and therefore forces him to use his bad eye (the eye that crosses..which is also a lazy eye). We noticed that when he was patched his bad eye would straighten right up. With the drops it is not as pronounced but does straighten a little. He obviously does not like the eye drops and today was the first time I put them in and he didn't fight (ok so his hands were occupied with a bottle) and he did cry after. The Dr ordered them for every day but said even every other day would help (but doesn't order it that way because most people forget which day it is for giving them). Yesterday, I skipped them because we were going out and the drops make you sensitive to light. We can also give them at any time of the day (because the effects of them last a long time!)

We also discussed the surgery, risks etc. He said that we could go home and discuss it more but I booked the surgery that day. So I have a date but that can change (as with any surgery in the hospitals). We were able to get in much sooner than I anticipated. The surgery is just a mechanical adjustment, so there is a chance that he may need more than one surgery. That of course won't be known until after he has the first one. It's a day surgery so barring any complications he will go home with us after. The surgery will not correct his lazy eye but will just correct (hopefully) the cross eyes. (The drops are for helping his lazy eye).

We have one more appointment with the specialist before the surgery. Hopefully the drops will be helping and his lazy eye will have improved some.

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