Tuesday, August 14, 2007

felt the need to blog

Over a week ago - Jared pinched his finger between a 2l pop bottle and the floor. The cupboard he got into usually just has light weight items that he can't get hurt from/break. So I didn't think about putting a lock on the cupboard (and he hadn't emptied cupboards before this). This was the best I could do to get a picture (a day later). It looks worse now (we think he will lose the nail). He cried for about 1/2 hour straight after it happened....I felt so bad for him.

Sunday we started by going to Gerald's parent's church as we had a birthday party to attend after it. The kids were well behaved and Cailyn spent a lot of time in their pool (when the rain cleared). Jared did exceptionally well considering he didn't nap in the morning and was awake until 3pm (and then had his nap).

Monday was the first day of VBS. I am a teacher helper. So basically I sit there and make sure the kids behave lol. Cailyn went along as well. I think she enjoyed herself - but I wasn't with her and she was tired (and filthy) at the end of the night. Then off to the Superstore or order Birthday cakes. The guy behind the counter had no clue what I was talking about....duh it's a birthday cake! So I had him take my number for them to call me. Cailyn is so excited about her birthday coming up and is very willing to share her party with Jared. And well Jared has no clue what's going on - so I'm sure he won't mind.

Today....after lunch gave kids bath...girls from bakery called - got my cake order in......put kids down for nap. Now the fun part. Nope it's not Cailyn doing something interesting. Some of you may remember the 'incident' with Cailyn and the pack n play (which went to the car wash to get cleaned). Well, Jared felt the need to out-do his big sister and start at a younger age. Face, body, toes, fingers, crib, ocean wonders crib toy (other crib toys appeared to be ok).....not as big of a mess as Cailyn's incident...but still gross. So Jared gets another bath....the crib gets cleaned (well hopefully all clean....dark wood crib is not a good colour for something like this)....crib bedding etc gets taken off and put in wash......ocean wonders crib toy in garbage....batteries and all (it didn't work right half the time). Now if you think I am wasteful for throwing it out - or that I should have at least saved the batteries. You are more than welcome to come on over to take it and clean it.

Patching Jared's eye is going horribly. He ripped it off so many times the one day (I went through about 10 patches...and used paper tape to restick some on) that he also ripped open his skin. So I didn't patch for a few days. It is now healed and if he rips it off more than 3 or 4x I take a good break since I don't want his skin to reopen. So he figured out how to take it off with fingerless fleece mitts....but Cailyn's fleece mitts that are too big - he can't take them off or the patch. Sounds great- I found something that works. No not really that great. If I had our camera with video here I would video and upload it to Utube - He screams, whether I hold him or not. I managed to tolerate it for an hour (ok he took a few breaks...so maybe tolerate for 40 min) and then took the mitts off - within about 10-15 min the patch was off. I don't think I can tolerate 2-3 hours of screaming. I have tried distraction, holding him etc - those little hands are quick at taking the patch off. And once the patch is on - you need a new one because they don't restick well. I tried gauze and paper tape - worse than doing a patch - harder to get on. Hopefully, when we see the Dr there will be some improvement in his eye.

Any tips on having a baby keep on a patch and I'd be happy to try them....but I think I have probably tried almost everything.

2 weeks and 4 days and I am back to work (I'm taking some vacation days). Linda tells me I got a raise....got some retro pay, no clue what my raise is. In a way I am looking forward to going back and in a way I'm not. Usually it depends on how the kids are behaving LOL. I enjoy work - just don't enjoy the politics/drama. Oh well every job has that.

Our fence (that was started over a year ago) was put up on the holiday weekend and Yoda's kennel made a weekend later. He isn't in it much because the dog house isn't in there yet and there isn't any shade (yet). But it's really nice to have up. I can let him off the leash when we go outside and he can run and bring his toys to me (he would before but if I threw them too far I had to go get them).

I was ambitious yesterday and made 2 casseroles (not for when I go back to work) one to eat yesterday and one to eat today (2 different kinds). When I go back to work I work till 7pm so I don't make supper and Gerald probably won't reheat anything I leave in the fridge (from past experience!) I did take some out of each to freeze now and eat at work.

Now I should be cleaning etc for the birthday party this weekend......

edited to add....he had only babbled mama on rare occassion (when crying)...well today he was babbling mama without crying! Finally :)

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Household of Faith said...

Poor Jared! Hope that his finger heals. Not nice when little kids hurt themselves. A happy birthday wish to Cailyn and to Jared. Hope that had/have a special day.