Thursday, August 30, 2007

The 3 W's

Last week, myself (with a few others) started a diet with each other. We are all following our own plans but have to report to each other. I still have my baby weight from Cailyn (and then some from Jared too). So it's needs to GO. Everyone who is doing this is doing (at least who reported in) is doing really well. Now my challenge comes with trying to incorporate not eating crappy at work. I know I bring my own food - but there are vending machines and other tempting goodies. I am not doing weight watchers, I'm 'kinda' counting calories. Rule #1 for me - don't count until before supper or after. Why? Because if I count during the day I feel like I am starving all day. I know weight watchers is kinda like counting but just with the points system. But if you think like me 1400 or 1700 calories sounds like SO much more than 20some points. I think I may have to start pen and paper for the food journal when I start work in case I add some extras - seeing it written down will probably make me stop pretty quick.

So far with the weight loss - I have tried eating about every 2 hours and that worked pretty nice. But isn't practical for me. I have been successful at stopping eating Chewy Chips ahoy cookies after 2 instead of eating the entire bag.....or at least a row! And Gerald has been pretty good too at not tempting me. I had said at the start no eating out for 1 month (and we eat out a lot) - Gerald's incentive is that I said the money from not eating out can go towards us going away for a weekend. My sil insists I must exercise - and I have. Took the kids for a walk towards Dalewood Rd. Had to stop when the gravel got too thick (but the total walk was almost 1/2 hour). Pushing 55+ lbs of kids in an old double stroller on gravel with a daughter who kept resting her feet on the wheels (and I didn't notice at 8 min into the walk I was getting tired and then realized why!)....and then have a bit of an incline on the way back, is definitely exercise! I also actually took the dog for a walk too. I have also cut back on coke to 1 can a day. Yesterday, it was 1/2 can. With what I drink in coke - if I cut it all out but 1 can it's about 1lb a week. I am not substituting with diet because 1) it gives me horrible headaches 2) it makes me feel more hungry 3) sil told me that research shows even diet pop contributes to belly fat.

Today was my first practice 'wake up' day for work. Yes, I need to practice to get up. I start work at 7am which means I need to be out of the house at around 6:45am (Gerald brings the kids away). My plan was to wake up at 5:55. Jared decided to help me this morning by waking up too early (shortly after 5am) I got out of bed and got him up at 5:45. The whole time thinking I want to go back to sleep - but I feel ok now (just yawning a little bit). I am so not a morning person!

I am starting work a day earlier than anticipated. I had scheduled this past Monday, Tuesday and this Friday (tomorrow) as vacation. On our way to Greenview Aviaries work called - Do you want an orientation day? Well, it would be nice (considering the turn over of people...lack of name tags.. in my job!) So Friday I will be heading in to get some orientation - I think I pretty much get to arrange it how I want - so since I work in 2 main areas I will spend my morning in the one and my afternoon in the other. I'm only going to spend an 8 hour day tomorrow though. I get my vacation day back which will be handy to have for when Jared has to have his surgery.

Gerald pointed out to me on Tuesday that I was getting paid. It was kinda nice to think about it that I was getting my normal wage again.

I have also made up a schedule which I hope to be able to follow for my days at work and my days off. Hopefully I will actually follow it! Usually, the plan fails and I throw it in the recycling.
I will post some pictures from Greenview aviaries later. Those on facebook can see my husband...the albino raccoon (his new profile pic)


Jannyne said...

Good luck with the weight-loss! I'm so proud of you that you're down to one coke a day - way to go! I'm doing WW again too - 10lbs have creeped back on in the last half year, so it's time to get rid of them before it gets too out of hand. I imagine I'll have to do WW once a year for the rest of my life - could be worse though, so I won't complain about it.
How did orientation go today? The kids are staying with Linda again, right? Hope everything falls into place with working, etc. for you

Allison said...

Good luck with the weight loss. Drinking less pop or NO pop will help.I did it by leaving pop & junk food alone .There are 12 tsp. of sugar in one can of pop and you are right that diet pop does end up at the waistline.