Friday, July 20, 2007

Worthy of Blogging about.....

Cailyn lost one croc on the way to fireworks, I had posted on a local mom message board hoping someone may have found it. Well someone posted back that they saw one black croc at m&m meats for about a week now.....missing the jibbits but everything else matched Cailyn's croc (from what she remembered from the post). Cor was nice enough to go swing by and get it for me. Cailyn will be so happy that she has her lost croc back. In the meantime she has 2 pairs of fake. A lavender that I got for free, and hot pink ones I got on holidays (they feel like the real ones). So now she has 3 pairs....although her black ones fit the best.

I'll update on our vacation later as we can't take off our pictures from the camera to the laptop.

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Household of Faith said...

That's great you found her missing croc, considering they are expensive. Hope that your vacation was good and looking forward to seeing pictures!