Tuesday, June 19, 2007


We've had no water since Sunday afternoon. Well actually the well has water.....the pump isn't working. Gerald tried many times to get it primed.....so he called the place that the pump was bought from. They said there is probably some internal damage to the pump but that kind is very repairable....so he has to take the pump in. I just hope they are FAST at fixing pumps! I really really really want water!

So far we have been using the water from the dehumidifiers for washing hands/flushing.......and well bottled water.

Cailyn thinks the toilet needs new batteries since it doesn't flush. Too cute how everything needs batteries in her mind.

On a bright side - Gerald wanted (well I did too) one of those easy set up pools, so we have one. Just have to order a truck to come with water to fill it.

ETA: I also really need water to do some dishes! We are down to a couple spoons, one baby spoon....one or 2 bottles.....

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Laura VMS said...

Yikes! That is no fun! I hope your pump gets fixed soon so that you can get some water!