Friday, May 4, 2007


Cailyn went out with me this morning to get the mail. She saw all the sprouting dandylions and wanted to pick some flowers for Mommy, Jared and Cailyn. She picked 3 Dandylions (you can't see the one since it was small and she picked it with very little stem).

This evening when she went to help Gerald feed Yoda I let her pick a tulip (there are only 4 lonely ones mixed with the I think I will move them next year since they look pathetic by she can pick them this year).

I Love it how she's so proud of the little things.


Mark, Linda, Alex, Carsten and Savannah said...

Hey I have been blessed with two cups full of those goregeous flowers too. After some whining and stuff...I hear my name being called again. I yell "what?" down the stairs (I am spring cleaning) and Alex says I picked you a flower. How bad did I feel!?!?! I then came down stairs and thanked him and we got it in water and then I received many many more.

Anonymous said...

That's cute. It's fun having little dandilion pickers - saves me from having to get the lawn sprayed! :0)

Laura VMS said...

That is cute! She can come and pick all of the dandelions in my backyard! She would have blast! There are a ton! Good thing Jason wants to make sure everything is sprayed this week though! Hopefully that will get rid of them!