Saturday, April 7, 2007

Sugar and Caffeine

Laura, Rachel and I were chatting about various things last night and part of it was on Sugar and Caffeine......since people "often" comment to me about how horrible coke is and it has so much more caffeine than coffee (which I have known is not true for years) and how juice is so much better for you...blah blah. Anyways I was curious to see the comparison of sugar content for pop compared to juice.

First coke contains about 1/3 of the caffeine coffee does - so that means I can technically drink 3x the coke a coffee drinker drinks in coffee....and I don't drink that much LOL. (This is based on 8oz of each)

Sugar content.....8oz of:
Coca-Cola classic 27 grams of sugar 97 calories
orange juice 27 grams of sugar 112 calories
apple juice 28 grams of sugar 111 calories
grape juice 32 grams of sugar 128 calories

As Laura knows ....I've had comments about coke going to give me diabetes....and make me "gain" weight.....btw that's one of those things that "bug me"....when people say things but it's just based on what they think when really it should be based on facts....sugar doesn't cause diabetes....Gerald's has been told by someone he would become diabetic from putting brown sugar on his cereal...ugh.

So based on my quick 1 min research (ok the caffeine research I actually did a whole project in highschool). Juice is worse for you if you look at the sugar....


Laura VMS said...

That is some good research. I hope you didn't feel like Rachel and I were attacking you because we weren't. I can tell you this much, I have never really done the research regarding sugars in juices and stuff. It is quite interesting to read.

Anonymous said...

I've done the whole Weight-Watcher thing a few times, and they all have the same "Point-Value". But when you look at the health aspect, coke has nothing nutritional in it - neither do a lot of concentrate juices - but a glass of orange juice is a serving of fruit, and that's a lot more healthy for you.

G & S said...

No - I didn't think you were attacking me.....I was offended by the fat diabetic comment....which you didn't make.

I know there is no nutritional value in coke - I looked it up based on the comment made that coke will make me a fat diabetic....well juice is just as likely to....and anyways sugar doesn't make a person diabetic.

VanDyks said...

I knew there was a reason the boy's didn't like juice! I should have tried coke first! :D

So I take it you're a Coke drinker? ;)

Sylvia said...

I do drink's my coffee.....but I don't drink as much as I used to....and I do drink juice and milk.....we go through at least 3 bags (of what's that 9L?) of milk a week!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sylvia, read your coke blog! Just wanted to make sure you realize that I wasn't attacking you either! And I don't believe the fat diabetic comment either!If you wanna drink coke every day, thats your business!8 ) We all have our vices... mine happens to be chocolate... probably about the same nutritional value as your coke..hehe...Rachel 8)

Sylvia said...

No I didn't think you were attacking Rachel.... chocolate would probably be my second vice....but dark chocolate is better for you than milk...and I don't mind dark chocolate so I try to eat that instead on occassion. BTW there was NO coke in my house for a few days...needed to buy some. Granted I had some when we went out for supper, but normally I wouldn't drink coke that late at night (unless we are out) and I survived during the day.

Mel said...

I love coke too but not quite as much as you. I do drink coffee and tea though...I quite coffee for about a year to see if it helped me not be moody but I can't say it helps-guess I'll just have to fix that behaviour internally!
Oh, I didn't mean to be rude the other day when Gerald came to the door-I thought he was our neighbor and I'm kinda leery of him-he picks up Dan's junk and brings it to the scrap yard.