Monday, April 16, 2007

Silent Auction

Even if you aren't cropping for the day you can bid on the silent auction here is a sneak "peak" at what is up for auction (well what we have received so far - a couple more donations are going to be made). Items are valued at over $20 up to about $90!

Vellum Booklet - Family, Vellum Booklet - Life, and Treasured Sayings Book
Quick Sand Accents (Scrapbook Kits) and sheet of letter stickers.
Quick Sand Accents (Scrapbook Kits) and sheet of letter stickers.
Scrapbooking Page Kit
Creating Keepsakes Inking Kit
EK Success Maple Lane Studio Tote
Creating Keepsakes Notions Kit
Creating Keepsakes Sketches idea book
My Acrylix Rustic Flowers
Pleasing Aroma Candles Gift Basket
Tupperware/Melaleuca/Mary Kay

1 comment:

Laura VMS said...

Hey! Hope Cailyn and Jared have been good for you over the weekend and today. I have your tupperware container here that you brought the cheese over in. We also have your Settlers board pieces here too so I have to get those to you soon. Just wanted to let you know that my mom and I will both be purchasing a ticket for the crop. That way if we do decide to stay longer (since I am feeling so good) we can. Also, the tickets are for a good cause so we don't mind. Let me know if you need anything else. Oh! I haven't asked Jason yet if he can help set up tables. Do you still need someone to help? If so, let me know and I can ask him if he would be willing.