Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Jared's room was finally ready for him to sleep in again on Satuday. At 1am we gave up trying to have him sleep in his crib and it was back into the car seat...where he slept great. Sunday night we were out - so car seat again. Monday - finally fed/rocked him to sleep with his blanket under him after multiple attempts at getting him to sleep in the crib. Only woke up once extra that night. Last night put him down awake after being fed on top of his blanket....awake and he settled in his to get him to do it for naps.

Here are a couple pictures of his crowded bedroom. There was not enough left over paint from the previous owners and I hate the colour of the room...and there are other renovations we want to make to it eventually so we just primed the one wall that was moved.

Here is how much Jared loved to eat...he gets very upset when Gerald teases him with the promise of food!

I called the ophthalmologist for Jared - they had not received a referral yet from my family Dr. So I called my family Dr's office - the secretary thought that she had sent it - I told her that they didn't receive she said she must have filed now to wait some more. The ophthalmologist's secretary told me to just keep calling since my Dr's office is bad for sending in referrals. Well since my Dr did fill out the referral hopefully it will get there now! Anyways I have to have a referral for him to see an ophthalmologist so I can't just call and book myself.

Sunday Cailyn was super hyper....yesterday she was super defiant....and driving me to want to go back to work she's a bit better.....well a lot better compared to yesterday.

I think that's about it for new and exciting nothing really exciting.


Mark, Linda, Alex, Carsten and Savannah said...

Gerald can be cruel ;o) Hope you get your referal soon. It can be soooo frustrating waiting.

Anonymous said...

Jared's room colour doesn't look that bad in the pictures - looks like a light navy blue from here, but maybe my monitor is off, because I thought it was more teal in real life.
How's your bathroom coming? Is your sink hooked up yet?

G & S said...

His room is a bright teal in real life...our monitors colours are off too - it looks bluish om our monitor...
Bathroom since is not hooked up Gerald has to get the right parts yet. For the rest it's about the same - light switches are hooked up and "pretty" looking now...before was just temporary ones in.

Laura VMS said...

I hope that referral gets sent in soon! It must be very difficult having to wait. I can understand the comment about how Cailyn is almost driving you to want to go back to work. I have that some days with Jordan and the other kids that I look after. Today is no exception!