Thursday, March 1, 2007

A new bathroom is in my future!

For those who haven't seen my gross bathroom!
So the tub the plastic (or whatever it is) is cracked and all stained from hard water (like that when we moved in) and the walls on the top are discoloured (we suspect mould since there is no fan in the bathroom). The bathroom mirror has a nice big crack. The doors on the shower are broke and wobble - so I can't really clean them because they practically fall off....and I don't want that to happen. The counter is a yucky yellowy fake looking counter..see through almost so cheap gross linoleum which has permanent door knob on the bathroom door.

The window is NEW!

Anyways Gerald hopes to start on it tomorrow/Saturday. No guarantees that I will have a door knob after the main renovations are done - but it's a start!

Oh and no place to put wash clothes to dry (since I don't put wet ones in the laundry) so they hand off the shower door.

The pictures probably don't do justice of how yucky it is. I always tell company - it's been cleaned it's just gross.

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Anonymous said...

That'll be so exciting for you to have a new bathroom! Must have been hard for you to live with this one after leaving a brand new house. What colour are you painting it?