Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A lot of nothing

Not much too exciting happening here....basically a lot of nothing. Monday night she was up a bit too late, playing with foamies...making a picture..she was having so much fun I let her stay up a little later. Probably should have let her stay up later than that because way to early in the morning Cailyn climbed into our bed....and chatted it up and kicked like it was morning (it was probably 3 or 4am)...I am starting to think she has insomnia like me. That was with no nap also. Yesterday, no nap again (since I didn't want to risk her waking up again) and she played at least an hour outside on the deck since it was so nice out. So I figured she'd have a good night tonight. She fell asleep early (around 7pm) but I did hear something last night (thought it was the cat). Well this morning there is no Cailyn in her bed! She was sleeping on the couch. So she left her room at some point in the night and climbed on the couch to sleep. It's a good thing she can't open the doors in our house to go outside!

I went to an inservice at work on butterfly needle sets (used in palliative care - so you don't have to give a needle every time the person needs pain medication). Although the other nurses who have done them before told me it was easy....I always think things are going to be harder than they usually are. It was pretty easy and didn't take very long at all. It was nice to see friends from work again. When I got home, Gerald said that the kids had been good except Cailyn was awfully quiet for a little while, so he checked to see what she was entire box (new box) of wipes was used by her to wash our bedroom wall! My bed was wet from all the wipes on it too! Not really looking forward to the whole going back to work part.....but looking forward to the adult interaction part. Less than 6 months and I am back to work. Went to the office to see how much vacation I have to use up by the end of the year (this year) 17 (8 hour) days......I added the 8 hour - since I work 12 hours shifts. I think that I am going to try and figure something out so that I am working "part" time when I get back to work.

Just FYI: Shoppers has cookies on sale....I picked up Chunks Ahoy and the Chewy Chips ahoy cookies for $1.49 a bag! Only went to get milk - but how can you pass up cookies when they are less than 1/2 the normal price.

Jared is starting to feel better. He's a lot happier. Just not napping well during the day, which sucks. Cailyn still has a cold too - but at least it's just a cold.

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Laura VMS said...

She can be a little monkey sometimes can't she? Silly little girl! I like the picture of her playing with foamies though. Very cute. Glad to hear that Jared is starting to feel better too. It seems like there are a lot of colds going around!