Monday, March 26, 2007

Jared's Dr appointment

Jared didn't get his shots at his 6 month appointment because of the double ear infection and bronchitis. I forgot to ask about him being cross eyed at the last appointment as well, but since I had one today I remembered to ask.

So Jared had both his shots and did quite well. His length 66cm (I think) but 2 weeks ago he was 2 cm longer LOL so I guess it just shows how hard it can be to measure a baby and weight I think was 7.6kg (writing this here so I can look back when I scrapbook it LOL)

I asked about my cross eyed little guy and he does use it a little but needs to see an opthamologist. This definitely means NO switching to part time for me....we definitely will need my benefits. So they are sending a referral to the opthamologist and I will hopefully hear back soon.


VanDyks said...

I must have missed it when you mentioned him being cross-eyed - that sucks, it's got to cause a lot of extra worry for you. Did the doc say if it was common or not?
At least with the shots you can give him Tylenol tonight - maybe then he'll sleep well for you. ;)

G & S said...

Lots of babies are cross-eyed but out grow it - Cailyn was cross-eyed and outgrew it - I knew Jared was a little too cross-eyed so that's why I asked. He doesn't use his right eye very much.

Danivms said...

yes its very hard to measure babies. especially when they are bigger, they squirm more.
hopefully the crosseyed stuff works itself out.


VanDyks said...

Oh, I know. Gabe was cross-eyes for the first few months - hence my understanding of the worry. ;) I hope you get an appointment at the ophthalmologist's soon.

Laura VMS said...

I am glad that he is getting that eye checked out. Hopefully it will not be anything to serious. Could possibly be a "lazy eye" as they so call it? Not sure though. Hopefully you will get in to see the opthamologist soon!