Monday, February 5, 2007

What's New

Well - the Happy Scrap went well. Linda is an amazing scrapbook saleswoman!

Sunday - big mess at my house to clean which no one ever wants to have to clean. I will leave it at that....some of you know what...but it's definitely NOT going to be posted on the blog.

Cailyn has started to put me to's really cute...she "reads" me a story, says prayers with me....If I say but I'm awake (just like she says to me) she says it's night time and tells me to close my eyes and go to sleep.

People talk about how you make your first baby grow up fast because you want to see the milestones. Well I think I am definitely babying Jared a bit too much! First off - I really liked an outfit that the pants were 0-3 months, since he has short legs it fit quite a while....but I have given up on them now. (btw he's probably about 16 lbs or more now) I pulled out his 6-12 month clothes (organized based on appearance of size not labels) and he doesn't fit some of it already. I have also been still bathing him in the baby tub...I have to hold the foot down with my arm otherwise he'd tip it! Why...because our tub has the glass doors (which are wobbly from being broken) and I dreaded leaning over the edge. Well today I remembered Jannyne saying she used the bumbo with I did that today and it worked out very well. So maybe I can let my baby grow up a little bit more!

Jannyne and I have been e-mailing back and forth for making cards for Perk Day at coffee break.......we got something figured out! YEAH! Honestly I hope we don't have to do too much "teaching" at least not teaching where we have to speak to 40 people at once! One on One or 2 or 3 ok....but not a whole pile.

Yoda has been in the house because of the bitter cold. He's crate trained so it works out ok. It's nice we have 2 basements because the cat has the one and he has the other. (Ok the cat has free reign in the house....but food and litter in the basement). Anyways he has only chewed up a candle and an empty ink cartrige. Since we put a baby gate at the top of the stairs and let him roam the little basement (well a bit.....every so often we tell him to go to bed)...if we go out he's in the crate. He still had outdoor play time today and yesterday, just not for too long. He has become good for going straight to the basement too. Oh and even though the cat completely freaks from him - Gerald said Yoda seemed afraid of the cat!

Here is a picture of Yoda yesterday - he got a bucket stuck on the hook of his was funny.

Gerald said he was using a mountain climbing clip on his leash...but not a locking.....he hasn't been able to find a locking one yet. But since it's sooo cold outside we don't need to worry about him getting off, since he's in the house.

We went to Home Depot today to start picking out new bathroom items. I think we have our Tub/Shower picked, well toilet I don't really care, possibly our vanity cupboards...just not the sink. We need to pick flooring and sink - I think we are just going to do linoleum for now since the bathroom probably will get changed again when the basement gets done. It just can't wait to not have new items now.....for those who have seen the bathroom they know why!


RMVanDyk said...

I want to know what the mess was???

Laura VMS said...

I love the picture of Yoda! That is just too cute! I am glad that he is behaving for the most part in your house. That is good. He was definitely much better when we gave him to you then when we first got him! I am sorry about your mess (honestly Megan, you don't want to know). I definitely would not want to have to clean that up! I am excited for you about your bathroom! Hopefully Gerald will be able to start working on it shortly!

Anonymous said...

That's exciting that you're picking out your new bathroom stuff! I thought Gerald was going to be slower in the winter, and able to work on your house then - is he still busy with work now? It's -20 degrees out there - people shouldn't be out there working in these temperatures.

That's funny that the bumbo worked for Jared's baths. I only tried it once, but it kept floating in the tub and I had to hold it down the whole time... so I never bothered again.

G & S said...

The winter wasn't cold earlier - so they kept working. Today was inside the shop making gates for another job. Yep my basement will NOT be dug out this year. The bathroom has to get done.
I barely had any water in the tub, I just kept squeezing a washcloth with the water over his body so he wouldn't get cold. He's also about 16lbs - so he probably weighs it down pretty good himself.

Danivms said...

lol, so no answer to ur mess question, as a fellow nurse though i probably dont want to know, especially knowing what kind of messes can occur. even at home. not sure if thats the line but i can well imagine anyways. u defiently have alot going in in life thats for sure.


Mark, Linda, Alex, Carsten and Savannah said...

You guys really want to know about the mess - I say as long as you're willing to help clean it up next time...she might tell you ;o) I must say it was really really gross EEEEEWWWWWWW!