Thursday, February 22, 2007

Answering some questions

It's at the church because the school is too small - we are aiming for 40 scrapbookers plus vendors (hoping for about 6 or 7). The school could not hold that many. Some people told me to put the vendors in the hall - as a person who vended at a crop - I would not like this at all. Also the hall is too narrow, the crop Linda and I did together - we took up more than the width of the hall (as well did the other vendors).

Tickets have not been printed yet - so easier to buy from me since I will be the one printing and bringing to the school. I'm not sure if I will just print myself or get them printed. I can fit 3 tickets to a page - so I was leaning towards printing myself (just 14 pages).

Help - organizing I think I got most things set. The day of the crop - anyone who doesn't want to scrapbook I can use volunteers....and if you do want to scrapbook and would like to help - if you came early or stayed late to help with both or just one of the set up and clean up.

If anyone has ideas of where to put up poster ads let me know - I know of Superstore - I can ask for at Van Pelt's - where else in town.

And any FREE ads that you are aware of let me know. I have contacted the Super Shopper flyer we get, the Rogers cable ad, and a couple online free ads.


Mark, Linda, Alex, Carsten and Savannah said...

I bought the first ticket and I am soooo excited!

Household of Faith said...

Maybe insert it in the Elgin County Market? I am sure if you had enough flyers they would do that for you.

Laura VMS said...

You know that I want to be there but I won't know more about that for the next couple weeks. It all depends on when this little one is coming. I will let you know better later!

Sylvia said...

Yeah I don't expect any of the new baby moms to make it out ;)