Thursday, January 11, 2007

Oh so tired

Got home shortly before midnight last night. Gerald was still awake (amazing eh!). We talked for a bit, I checked my e-mail (Janet ambitious you sending out e-mail at midnight LOL) and headed to bed (this was close to 1am). Jared wouldn't take formula from Gerald, so I expected him to wake up at some point. Just as I was starting to fall asleep Jared woke at 1:30 fed him.....then put him to bed at 2am and he fussed a bit, got him quiet...2:30 I hear Cailyn.....she leaked out of her I get to strip her bed....she decided to crawl in our bed...stop to change her diaper since I don't want to have a wet bed......finish putting on her sheets ....get her settled back's 3am.....finally fell asleep and at quarter to 5 Jared is awake again. Then of course Gerald had the alarm go off this morning (not sure what time I refused to look) and Jared came to eat again....and Gerald stops in the room to talk to me (too tired to even recall what he said)......fortunately Cailyn slept till 9:30...I gave up on trying to get anymore sleep at 8:30. I'm hoping for Cailyn to nap today and maybe I can have one too!


Mel VanDyk said...

OH!!! Those are the nights that make being a mom hard to enjoy! I hope you get a nap.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, sounds like a very rough night! Hopefully you get some sleep this afternoon so you can go to Linda's Stampin' Up party tonight.