Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My Day

Nothing too exciting today, but felt like blogging. Coffee Break, Linda's for lunch, I went to an inservice at work while she watched the kids, then out for supper to McDonald's with the kids (and Linda and Kim). Back home, got parcels ready to go in the mail from the website....Gerald came home....I went out to mail, get groceries, and pick up a prescription (Gerald will be getting a wisdom tooth pulled). (hope that's ok to post Gerald - LOL)

Anyways - cute moment. Cailyn asked me to read her a story. Part way through the story she says "my turn" and starts babbling, and then told me it was my turn again. This went on for a while. I thought it was cute.

Also - while I was getting groceries (during Jared's normal "fussy" time) Gerald decided to give him a bottle of formula. He drank about 3 1/2 ouonces, which is pretty good since he so far has only taken formula from Kim.....when we have tried before he wouldn't take it. And now he is sound asleep. Last night he woke up at around midnight though - so I suspect he may do that again.

We have a new phone number. We have switched to VoIP (voice over IP). When I find out what my number is I will e-mail it to everyone (well everyone that I have an e-mail for).


Mel said...

Well, it appears I'm one of the only ones home to read about your day! Poor us eh!? Just kidding. Cute story about Cailyn reading. Hope Jared is feeling ok.

Anonymous said...

It was fun running into you at the grocery store - Tim was wondering what took me so long!