Monday, January 15, 2007

My Day

I'm not tired (although at 6 I could have easily went to bed) so I may as well blog.....

Well, I cleaned my kitchen and did laundry YEAH. Played with some playdough with Cailyn. Had a grumpy girl for most of the day, but skipped her nap since if she naps she doesn't go to bed at night. Went to out to look at a job with Gerald and then to Old Navy where I spent too much money on good deals on kids clothes....oh and bought myself a new pair of slippers.

Gave Cailyn a bath and after actually had her sit long enough to put pony tails in her hair. Then she got to go to bed. It's now 11:23 and she's still awake! Why...who knows, she ripped off her a new one went on....then she still wouldn't go in bed....oh she wet it! Stripped the sheets and put fresh ones on.....andI still hear her talking now!

We will definitely have to see if I make it to coffee break this rate I won't since she will probably sleep in.....then it's the decision of to wake her up and have a grump or let her sleep and skip. The latter seems like such a better option, but also means I am cooped up in the house for another day.

The ice on everything does look really pretty here also. Didn't take pictures. We have a lot of big branches from the willow tree on the front yard and more that you can see may come down soon.

Finding/chatting with people on facebook who I haven't seen/talked to in a long time.....namely 2 of my neighbours who I babysat....I feel so is in college and the other in highschool! I know it was a long time ago that I babysat them, but still!

Well I am going to upload some photos to facebook.....

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