Sunday, January 7, 2007

Attempted Photo Shoot

Well I didn't have a nice white blanket...and honestly, I'm not sure where my white tablecloth is. So I used a bedsheet. Gerald took the pictures. We will have to do it again since he took them too close up and they are next to impossible to crop out the background. The lighting in the room is also bad...there is just one ceiling light in our great room which doesn't give off the best light. So I think I will attempt this again sometime during the day. So many times I had Jared's hands nicely propped under his chin, but we didn't get a single picture of it because as soon as I backed up he lifted his little head up. I'll have to work on hiding the drool too....maybe I will have to search for my white may not show the drool as much.

I included this upclose picture because it's another "love it" picture for me. Definitely going to scrapbook this one!


Taunya said...

adorable shots! the middle one is great.

Taunya said...

don't you hate markers? I have to follow Tiana around with them or toys get coloured or my white couch! argh!