Tuesday, December 5, 2006

What a day

My mom came over for a day of shopping and to help me clean. Only went to McDonald's for breakfast and then a quick trip into Costco because Cailyn was being miserable/disobedient. I finally carried her screaming out of the store while every looked at me like I just beat her or something. When we got home she was put in the crib for some quiet time since she was still miserable. Let her out when we had lunch and then she was pretty good...so we took her to get her hair cut. This was her second professional hair cut (last one Oct 2005). She cut 1 1/2" or more off.

Cailyn is now watching Diego snuggled with her bear and blanket on the couch. I'm hoping she falls asleep for a little while and then is in a better mood.

I have read the strong willed child from Dr Dobson, but from what I remember (can't remember much since I tried to read it when Cailyn was home/awake and I have baby brain) a lot of it is more for a strong willed 4 or 5 year old. It's hard to reason with a 2 year old!

I've tried the 2 choices - like do you want to sleep in your bed or Jared's crib - she just says no for both. I tell her she has to pick one or I get to pick for her....she just has a fit.

Certain things I've given up on - like shoes, I just make sure seasonally inappropriate shoes are out of sight...so if she's ever wearing shoes that don't go with her outfit, it's because she picked them out.

And I swear she doesn't feel the cold - it's a struggle to get her to wear a coat, and will take it off as soon as we are in the cold van - but she never complains about being cold!

Oh well - this too in time should pass. I guess I should be happy that at least most of my house is clean.


Laura VMS said...

I am sorry to hear that things did not go so well today. That sucks. It is unfortunate that she is acting that way. Could it possibly be more jealousy over the attention that Jared gets? I mean, is she throwing the fits so that she will get attention (ie. seeing Jared cry and then he gets attention could possibly cause this reaction). I don't know. Just a thought. I hope it passes soon for you though. I can understand how all of that would be frustrating!

Gerald and Sylvia said...

Actually she acted like this before Jared was ever born....it's just her strong strong will. She has always behaved better for others....

Gerald and Sylvia said...

I should add that Jared is a very content baby - so I probably still end up spending more time with Cailyn than with him.

Anonymous said...

Oh Sylvia--- forgive me, I was laughing so hard there were tears in my eyes... not because it's funny- but because kids are totally their own kind... She is sooo smart! Just choosing "no" to either question that you offer... oh they don't call it terrible twos for nothing!! What a tough era to be in-- a mommy to a new baby, and to a strong toddler. Praise God that Jared is sleeping well-- I had to laugh too at the idea of Gerald "manning" the bed for Cailyn... haha, lol... I'm so sorry, it is just coming up for me in a couple of years, and I am being constantly reminded of how hard this parenting gig is, and will always be. Thanks for sharing though, take care, and wishing you win the next battle too... good luck!! Rachel

Taunya said...

Tiana has the same attitude - everything is a fight lately, and it's so easy just to give in to her instead of deal with the tantrums (good idea hiding the shoes you don't want her to wear) we just have to let them know we are the boss, not them! oh, and I had to go and add toilet training to the mix....every day is a new day, hopefully tomorrow is a better one for you.

Mel VanDyk said...

Add Mia to the list! Wish I had the magic answer for you! Guess we just have to be faithful to our calling as parents whether we see good results or not!
The two choices is probably overwhelming for a toddler. They want to make the decision but I don't think they have that capability. They can make a choice but essentially they don't know which is the better one and I think at this stage it's better if we demonstrate decision making by making even the simplest choices for them. Yikes, even what color cup at this age age is a crisis! Then you need the right color straw for the cup etc. Oh man, there is no end to it!
Mia had me crying everday for two weeks straight at one point! They can be nasty critters! Good thing you're not focusing on just the bad and letting her do things like the baby bath. They need that.
Take care!